Water Quality


Water quality is increasingly intertwined with water rights and water supply.  Municipalities, industries and individuals generally require a clean source of water for domestic use and numerous other purposes.  Those same entities and individuals must also comply with federal and state regulatory requirements once that water is released following its use.  Local requirements and ancillary environmental issues, impacts to riparian vegetation, wetlands, and aquatic life might also need to be addressed for both water quality and quantity.

At Petros & White, LLC, we represent our clients in identifying the legal issues associated with obtaining and using water of a quality necessary to meet our clients’ needs, as well as helping our clients to meet regulatory requirements after that water has been used.  As such, we represent clients in rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission and other agencies with water quality responsibilities.  In our local government practice, we represent cities, counties and other local governments in crafting regulations and policies to protect the quality of the water within their jurisdiction.  Examples of our experience in these areas include:

  • Investigating water quality issues in connection with possible purchases of water rights or entering into contracts for water delivery;
  • Working with state regulatory agencies to obtain permits for point source discharges as well as Clean Water Act section 401 water quality certifications;
  • Assisting clients with local water quality requirements and land use regulations;
  • Representing clients in rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission;
  • Negotiating settlements with regulatory agencies in administrative enforcement actions
  • Working with agencies to obtain Clean Water Act section 404 permits and regulatory determinations for activities involving wetlands;
  • Assisting clients with stormwater issues and in negotiating settlements for alleged stormwater permitting violations;
  • Assisting clients with compliance efforts associated with the Safe Drinking Water Act and state drinking water regulations; and
  • Dealing with regulatory agencies on designations of Clean Water Act section 303(d) impaired waters and Total Maximum Daily Load allocations.

The attorneys at Petros & White, LLC are available to help our clients understand the water quality issues that may impact their activities, and to assist in dealing with the regulatory requirements that may be imposed on those activities.